Gear Box Drawings / Diagrams

Spur gears and gearboxes:

Spur gear dimensioning

Single stage gearbox

Helical and bevel gears and gearboxes:

Worm gearbox, single and double stage gearboxes

Bevel gear set

Differential gearbox

Motor with gear reduction unit and right-angle bevel gear drive

Automotive gearbox & clutch

Exploded view of an automotive box


Grinding_machine_gearbox and right-angle bevel gear drive

Gearbox housing details

3-stage gearbox

5-speed gearbox

Lathe spindle gearbox

Double Output Gearbox for a V-Belt Drive

Single Step Gearbox

Worm gears and gearboxes:

Worm dimensioning

Worm gear dimensioning

Worm gear set

Worm gear set2

Worm gear set3

Cavex worm gear mechanism

Detail drawing of a worm gear set

Worm gear dimensioning

Bearing Mounting Arrangements:

Wheel & axle bearings

Bevel gear shaft bearings

Drilling machine spindle bearings

Gear shaft & axle bearings

Wheel bearing

Other applications:

Brake clutch box

Automotive clutch